About us

The Bed Bug Patch is designed by a dedicated team of innovators who firmly believe in the capabilities of our product and we back it 100%.  We aspire to bring change that is revolutionary to the Bed Bug epidemic that has recently sprung into cities, and suburbs across the map.  We are people oriented individuals, who are devoted to the concerns and well-being of your family. 

How does the product work?

The Bed Bug Patch works by reducing and offsetting the levels of CO2 emitted out through your skin.  It puts to use Vitamin B1 to mask the Bed Bug attracting scent.  That scent which resinates outward through your skin, gets blocked by an essential barrier that is insulated by the use of our patch.  Still confused? Well to simplify it the Vitamin that is taken in from the patch is released back out through your pores, which acts as a buffer over our skin to mask our scent.

How Did Bed Bugs come to be?

Bed Bugs have been around since the dawning of time itself, they have hitchhiked from caves to cities, with outbreaks that have changed lifestyles once over.  Time has taken its toll resulting in a magnitude of outbursts, including reaching the current pandemic levels.  And with time, technology has advanced, and enabled us to offer you protection from these pests.

Our product is called ‘The Bed Bug Patch.’  With the consumer friendly design, the placement of a patch onto your skin will work to safeguard you and your loved ones.


How do I use the Bed Bug Patch?

Step 1 - Apply

Remove backing and apply patch to clean, dry and hairless skin at least 2 hours before protection is needed.

Step 2 - Leave it on for up to 36 hours

The BED BUG PATCH can be worn up to 36 hours to ensure complete absorption.

Step 3 - You are now protected

Leave it on and let the benefits of the Bed Bug Patch work its magic.


Now Why is that even relevant or important?

Bed bugs are able to recognize and track the carbon dioxide that people excrete from their skin, and this tracking method is a Bed Bugs main way of finding us. They then further locate us by using heat sensors on their antennae. These though can only be utilized after they are within a certain range of us, and it is directly reliant on their scent detecting, and carbon dioxide tracking skills. The key to our exclusive product begins at stage one of their tracing method. Our skin is fundamentally the target for a Bed Bug, and the Patch diminishes the carbon dioxide discharged from our skin while concealing our scent. The patch is able to act as both a repellent, and deterrent to help fight Bed Bugs..


But how could we be unaware of an infestation or that we are being bitten?

Thousands of Bed Bugs can infest a single room at a time, but homeowners are left oblivious to it. Over 60% of the people who receive bed bug bites are by nature not allergic to the bite, and in turn means no visible markings of a bite will appear. In addition, bed bugs administer an anesthetic into the human blood stream with a bite that leaves us sound asleep and completely unaware of night time attacks. Also pure unfamiliarity with such a topic adds to the obstacle.


What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are tiny in size and ambiguous by temperament, they are a parasite of the Cimicidae Family from the Insecta Class, which is made up of many familiar biting insects that feed off of warm blooded victims, such as the mosquito. Their name is directly related to their preferred nesting environment--a bed...yikes!  They have evolved from cave living and feeding off bats, to bed living and feed off us!


Where do Bed Bugs come from?

Bed Bugs can work their way into the tiniest cracks and crevasses, meaning they can go virtually anywhere.  The are in fact, small enough to fit through an electrical outlet, which leads one to ask where do they colonize?  Bed Bugs might be partial to bed living, but they are known to colonize anywhere.


How Long do Bed Bugs Last?

Contrary to belief Bed Bugs are not seasonal, and are fit to strike at any time, no matter how cold or hot it may be.  That is why it is very important to be canny of your surroundings as they nest everywhere, from movie theaters, hotels, coat racks, restaurants and more.  It is one guest you do not want to take back home with you, and it is good advice to wear a patch if you feel the need.  Bed bugs can live on average for about 18 months year from nymph to adulthood, and each female can lay over 600 eggs throughout that span.

Should I be afraid of Bed Bugs?

This answer has two sides but the final verdict is to definitely call your local pest experts.  Even better would be an exterminator who specializes in treating them specifically.  For the first side to this question we shall administer some relief, even though Bed Bugs do carry diseases they are unable to pass them to us rendering them as just a nuisance and no death threat.  Nuisance tends to get underplayed here as they are sheerly relentless.  Bed Bug bites can leave red markings on your skin, which are itchy, painful, and unsightly which reduces our overall health and increase stress levels.  Most importantly, Bed Bug infestations can harness over 1,000 bugs, which are almost invisible to the eye, and a colony this size is capable to exceed over 500 bites per night, now that does not sound comfortable.


Can't I just take a normal Vitamin B1 supplement?

A normal daily Vitamin B1 pill or liquid dosage is water soluble, which would result in the excess of it being flushed out through the urinary tract.  This would have no effect against Bed Bugs since the build up is not released through the skin. 


Dosage Levels:
Children: 1 year and over – 1 patch Adults and children (over 80 lbs) – 1-2 patches as needed. Due to body weight, metabolism, smoking and alcohol consumption, 1-2 patches may be required to deliver the effective amount of B¹ for biting insect protection.

Application of Product:
Remove patch from backing and place on clean, hairless dry skin. Do not cut or alter patch.

Each patch is guaranteed to contain 50 mg. Thiamin (B¹). The adult USDA daily recommended amount of thiamin B¹ = 100 mg.

The Food & Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any ailment or disease.


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