Is This Product safe for children?

Yes, The Patch is made up of all natural non-toxic elements.  Vitamin B1 is a beneficial factor for the body, but taking more than needed is not recommended.  For children one patch is plenty.  Children one year and over are recommended to use just one patch at a given time.  While Adults, and adolescents over 80 pounds, can use 1-2 patches as needed.

I had a Reaction to The Patch, what does this mean?

The ingredients that makeup The Patch are all natural and are present in everybody. The only reaction to occur could be something of a small rash, which would be a result to the actual adhesive material itself. This is very similar to a latex reaction, and to rectify the issue we advise placing the patch somewhere less sensitive on your body that is more exposed to climactic conditions.

Can't I just take a regular Vitamin B1 supplement?

A normal daily B1 Vitamin pill or liquid dosage is water soluble, which would result in the excess of it being flushed out through the urinary tract.  This would have no effect against Bed Bugs since the build up is not released through the skin.

Does the BedBug Patch expire?

No, The BedBug Patch has no expiration date, but will only be useful as long as the sticking material is good for. This means you are to keep the patches in a place with a controlled environment, which is kept around room temperature.

Why do I get bitten but my spouse doesn't?

There are two answers to this question, first your partner may be getting bit but is not allergic to the bites, and therefore no marks appear and he/she would not even come to realize that he/she is being snacked on. Secondly, Bed Bugs are committing settlers, Bed Bugs colonize together in one place and it is possible that your side of the bed is also the side they have colonized. Once they have found their nesting spot and hosting victim they are unlikely to change out of that routine.

Could a Bed Bug Bite me anywhere?

The only place Bed Bugs are unlikely to bite is on the top of the head, and that's simply because they have little access to a good blood source. They use their heat sensors on their antenna to pin-point the most abundant spot for them to feed from.

How do you treat Bed Bug bites?

Just like you were told when you had the chicken pox DO NOT SCRATCH THEM!!! Your first step should be to wash the area with soap and water, using as warm of water as you can bear. Ask your family doctor what cream is best to reduce the redness, otherwise we would recommend any over the counter itch cream, such as Hydrocortisone cream.





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